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Endless Luxury at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

How good is Marina Bay Sands Singapore for every guest with excellent taste? This hotel will never fail anyone who demands the best accommodation place in a luxury city like Singapore.

As one of the icons of luxury Singapore hotels, it is ready to welcome anyone with a great demand of enjoying lavish amenities and facilities here. Enough said about the rooms that have impressed millions of guests worldwide. Now, let’s discuss the hotel’s excellent facilities that those elite guests will enjoy during their stay.

The Prominent Casino

Marina Bay Sands Singapore is always famous for its casino. As it is in the elite complex of the city, anyone can expect luxury that is beyond compare. The casino delivers a large number of games and facilities to enjoy. Three floors accommodate more than two thousand slot game machines. All the games always stay updated and become the most popular casino with the latest games worldwide.

This casino welcomes anyone, whoever stays at other Singapore hotels. The area hosts various games like Baccarat, Roulette, and several video games and also jackpots, with the progressive mechanism. Anyone can try their luck where they can increase the amount of money whenever they are ready to continue to the next level.

Don’t worry, Marina Bay Sands Singapore casino still has lots to offer for beginners. Don’t think that this place is only for experts. Starters are welcomed here, which they can try at a very low start.

They can choose game chips, where they can buy at the counter or right at the gaming table. Particularly for the table games, they are available on four floors in this luxury building. For those who want to try the casino’s top floor, there are so many games there where anyone can try.

Outstanding Choices of Fancy Dining Spots

Of course, we can expect elegant dining experiences in Marina Bay Sands Singapore. As one of the most lavish Singapore hotels, there are endless choices of luxury, world-class menus. Want a luxury lunch? Chinoiserie Modern Asian is the right place.

It specializes in lunch menus from Asian and French cuisines. It serves 3-course meal options that guests will be eager to come back for more. Choices include the Salade de Printemps, Mushroom Cappuccino, and several other choices of appetizers, with the Shao Xing Chicken for the main course. The desserts vary, depending on the selection by the prominent chef.

For those who want to have a more casual atmosphere with simpler menus, Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer is the real deal. Serving the best burger in town with fresh ingredients, this restaurant wins the hearts of American menus lovers, whether they are hotel guests or natives Singaporeans who want to enjoy delectable lunch or brunch.

So, make Marina Bay Sands Singapore the necessary option for your next stay in Singapore. You’ll be surprised by the generosity of the hotel and its overall facilities. Spending a night or two will give you an everlasting memory during your stay in Singapore.