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Some of the best sightseeing spots in Broome

Some of the best sightseeing spots in Broome – Under the tropical sun and bathed in turquoise seas, Broome is a secluded tourist town and gateway to the natural wonders of the Kimberley region in northern Western Australia. The natural panorama along this stretch of the seafront is extraordinary. Gorgeous blue sea crashes against red seaside cliffs, and an incredible diversity of seaside birds graces the tidal plains of Roebuck Bay.

This city was once the pearl capital of the world, attracting many Japanese, Malay, and Chinese divers who came here to seek their fortune. Today, you can explore this fascinating history in the city’s museums or on a tour of the famous pearl farm.

Other popular things to try include camel riding as the sun goes down along Cable Beach’s sprawling waterfront, brooding by the waterfront of Broome, and whale watching. Broome’s fishing is great too – it’s one of the best places to fish in Australia.

The Broome and Kimberley regions are one of the most remote areas in Australia. The distance from the capital city of Western Australia, Perth to Broome is around 2,200 km, and from Darwin to Broome it is around 1,870 km, so once you get here, either by car or plane, this place is a great place for an expedition. day to other tourist spots. at The Kimberleys. Book a scenic seaplane touring to spectacular Horizontal Falls or check out a 4WD safari to Cape Leveque, or Windjana National Park, and Tunnel Creek along the legendary Gibb River Road.

Make a push in designing your entire sightseeing adventure, taking a look at our record of top tourist attractions in Broome, Australia.

Some of the best sightseeing spots in Broome :

1. Cable Beach

Stretching for 22 km, Cable Beach is an iconic strand of white sand and dazzling turquoise seas. This seafront takes its name from the communication cable that was laid between Broome and Java in 1889. Today, 4WD vehicles travel as far as the waterfront as sun seekers search for the perfect stretch of sand – and there is plenty to do.

Make sure to bring an umbrella or tent; waterfront sizzling during the day. From November to May, irukandji jellyfish are at risk of inhabiting the waters, but swimmers can paddle as far as the seashore at other times of the year.

Camel riding at sunset is one of the main things to do at Cable Beach, and many expedition brochures show silhouetted images lining the shores of the sea with these majestic animals. After a day by the sea, you can refuel at restaurants and cafes.

2. Natural Panorama Flight of Horizontal Falls

For an adrenaline-pumping adventure, it’s hard to beat a scenic seaplane flight to the majestic Horizontal Falls. This waterfall is actually a boiling tide through 2 small canyons.

Broome’s famous Horizontal Waterfall Full day Touring 4×4 & amp; Seaplanes give you many perspectives of this very beautiful area. First, you’ll be traveling by 4WD as far as the Dampier Peninsular to the pristine waterfront. After that, you’ll take a seaplane for a pleasant flight along the red cliffs and rocky islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago, known as the Thousand Islands, on Western Australia’s northwest coast to Cape Leveque, with a water landing in Talbot Bay.

From here, passengers usually take jet boats for a pleasant cruise through the waterfalls. Feeding the sharks as well as shark swimming increases all the excitement (swimmers can watch the action of the safety of the shark enclosure), as well as a picnic lunch on the pontoon one day before your return flight to Broome.

If you’re short on time, opt for Broome’s Horizontal Falls half-day tour, which includes flights in both directions to optimize your time on the water.

3. Stairs to the Moon

Near the 2 or 3 days a month between March and October, locals as well as tourists flock to Broome City Seaside for a captivating natural panorama. As the full moon rises over Roebuck Bay, its reflection emanates from the vast tidal plains, producing an optical illusion that resembles a staircase ascending into the twilight sky. The Mangrove Hotel overlooking the waterfront is a great vantage point.

Throughout this well-known phenomenon, Town Beach hosts the Household Market, where shoppers can buy handcrafted gifts, as well as sample light fare from all over the world (cuisines range from Thai and Chinese to laksa, satay and pizza). Live music shares a lively atmosphere.

Other times, Town Beach is the locals’ favorite a place with a famous cafe where mom and dad can relax while the kids run wild in the adjoining water yard.

Some of the best sightseeing spots in Broome :

4. Gantheaume point

The striking contrast between the red cliffs and the captivating blue sea of ​​Gantheaume Point is sure to impress retired photographers. The point is located south of Cable Beach, close to 6km from town.

At low tide, the dinosaur footprints, which are said to be more than 130 million years old, are barely visible on the exposed reef, but you can look up at the casts embedded in the cliff tops. But if you’re looking for footprints in the intertidal zone, make sure you wear shoes that are suitable for rock climbing.

A lighthouse overlooks the Indian Ocean and, at the end of the trail to Gantheaume Point, is Anastasia’s Pond. The former lighthouse keeper carved this small stone pool so that his rheumatic wife could take a bath. It’s a lovely place to soak on a hot day.

To the left of Gantheaume Point is a good fishing waterfront.

5. Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Yard

Cuddle toddler crocodiles, observe cassowaries very rarely, or pat kangaroos. At Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park, just a 15-minute drive from Broome, animal lovers can get up close to some of Australia’s most unique and incredibly tough creatures and learn about their habitats and attitudes.

This is more than just a crocodile page. Wallabies, dingoes, snakes, and lizards also inhabit the yard, and a variety of feathered creatures, from emu to cockatoos and kookaburras. Keep feeding the crocodiles at 3pm, when some of Australia’s most abundant crocodiles display their surprising agility as they seek food.

A 5-minute drive from Mari, 12 Mile Bird Park showcases a variety of exotic and native birds representing 80 different species.

Some of the best sightseeing spots in Broome :

6. Broome History Museum

All newcomers should come to the Broome Historical Museum for a fascinating reflection of the city’s history. Although small, the museum shows informative exhibits on the pearl industry, typhoons, Broome’s One Day War, sea shells, and exhibits on indigenous artifacts.

Take a few hours here to completely immerse yourself in history, but if you lose time, seek permission from friendly volunteers, so you can revisit the museum throughout your stay. Children can start their own learning adventure with a museum quiz. Visiting the museum is also one of Broome’s most popular rainy season activities, as it’s one of the few activities that can be tried indoors.

History buffs deeply interested in the Broome pearl’s past may want to visit the Japanese cemetery, where a large column commemorates the Japanese pearl anglers who lost their lives in a typhoon in 1908.

7. Sun Photo

Lay back on the sofa deck under the starry sky and enjoy a movie in the oldest operating outdoor cinema. Sun Pictures, in the heart of Broome’s Chinatown, played some of the last night’s films, and also has certain interesting stories.

This cinema was born in the early 1900s as a shop owned by the Yamasaki family. The family happened to be into movies, so they changed part of their shop into a small Japanese playhouse. In 1913, a pearl maker bought the building and turned the shop into a cinema.

Sun Pictures met its first formal audience in 1916 with a silent film and has been showing films ever since, although high tides have occurred over the years. Currently, the cinema is registered as a relic, and the fees tame the tide.

Before watching a film, film fans can visit a small museum and see cinema memorabilia.

8. Pearl Cultivation Tourism

Broome was once the mother of the world’s pearl city, and today you can explore touring and learn how to cultivate local pearls which are very popular in the South Sea.

The Willie Creek and Cygnet Bay pearl farms offer famous tours, which demonstrate the totality of the process: from early oyster nursery to harvest and evaluation. Touring by land, sea, and air, depending on the touring operator and the time limit for each tourist.

Of course, no visit will be complete without the opportunity to buy some of this South Sea beauty as a souvenir while you shop at Broome. You can buy some gorgeous pearl jewelery at the many shops in Chinatown.

Some of the best sightseeing spots in Broome :

9. Whale Watching Expedition

Gaze at broken humpback whales from turquoise waters is an unforgettable experience, and you can book a front row sofa for this must-see experience in Broome. From June to September, these gentle sea giants migrate from the frigid waters of Antarctica to the ocean Broome’s warmth for mating, giving birth, and looking after their young.

The best method for viewing it is on a 4.5 hour Whale Watching Sunset Cruise on a safe catamaran. Not only will you get to see these amazing animals up close, you’ll also hear their voices with the onboard hydrophone. Light fare and some drinks are listed.

10. One day Expedition to Windjana Gorge& Tunnel Creek

If you don’t have time for a few-day expedition into The Kimberley’s rocky outback, a one-day expedition from Broome is a great way to experience this spectacular area. The Windjana Gorge National Courtyard and Broome’s 4WD Tunnel Creek Touring visit these 2 main attractions and more. Throughout the expedition, the expert guide wanted to share interesting data about the local Bunuba people and their living methods, and details about the ecology of the area.

The starting stop is the Boab Prison Tree, outside the city of Derby. Although legend says that the plant was once a temporary prison, facts show that the plant was actually used by the local natives as a shelter and could be a burial place.

Next, a tour across the legendary Gibb River Road, the popular 4WD route through the Kimberley, as well as one of Australia’s best outdoor adventures, to the saw-toothed Windjana Gorge, where you can gaze up 100m of stone chambers and search for fossils as far as ancient reefs. this. Corellas congregate in the surrounding sap trees, as well as freshwater crocodiles lurking in the pond.

From here, the tour leads to Tunnel Creek, where you can dig deep inside Australia’s oldest cave system for more freshwater crocodiles, bats and dramatic stalactites and stalagmites. popular tourist places

All meals are listed, and hotel pick-up and drop-off by air-conditioned 4WD. It’s a long day, but well worth the time to see this remote and rocky area.