Things to Understand About Scalp and Exfoliation

Marsha BeautyMaintaining primary skin health on the face and body is now very easy to do, many skincare and bodycare products are popping up to address various skin problems. However, most people still do not realize that taking care of the scalp is just as important, because if not taken care of properly will cause problems one of which is the scalp is crusty and flaky.

Why Scalp Can Be Crusted and Flaky? 

Scalp that is not treated properly will certainly cause problems such as scalp crusting and flaking. This condition can be caused by shampooing too often. Shampooing is very good for keeping hair healthy and clean, but if it is too often it will make the scalp dry which causes the emergence of this scalp problem.

In addition, the problem of scaling and flaking scalp can also be caused by lack of cleanliness when rinsing hair after shampooing and can also occur due to the wrong use of hair care products that cause irritation and other effects can make the scalp dry so that crusts or flaky scalp appear. . So, it is important to pay attention to the type of hair care products that suit the condition of the scalp.

How To Overcome Scalp And Peeling Scalp That Is Most Worth It!

Scalp that is crusty and flaky will certainly make you uncomfortable. To overcome this, there are some very easy ways to do and will definitely make the scalp cleaner and healthier. Here Marsha Beauty will give tips and ways to overcome flaky and crusty scalp.

Using a Conditioner that Moisturizes the Scalp

The scalp is crusty and flaky

The way to deal with flaky and crusty scalp is to use a conditioner that is safe and able to moisturize the scalp. This is very important, given that one of the causes of the scalp is crusty and flaky due to dry skin, so the use of this type of conditioner is able to overcome it. However, pay attention to whether the ingredients of the conditioner contain ingredients that can cause allergies or not.

Using Hair Oil

The scalp is crusty and flaky

In addition to using conditioner, you can also use hair oil to treat dry scalp. Hair oil products are very easy to find in the market with varying prices, but you can also make your own hair oil, by mixing coconut, almond, and olive into a mixture of essential oils from lavender or tea tree. You can also use aloe vera gel to keep the scalp moist.

Regularly Consume Mineral Water

The scalp is crusty and flaky

Not only good for the body and facial skin, consuming mineral water regularly will also help maintain the health of the scalp and avoid the problem of dry scalp which is the main cause of the appearance of scalp crusting and flaking. Be sure to consume at least 6-8 glasses of mineral water daily. 

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Massaging the Scalp When Shampooing

The scalp is crusty and flaky

The way to deal with crusty and flaky scalp that is considered quite easy and still worth it is by massaging the scalp while shampooing. This is because by massaging the scalp is considered able to increase the amount of natural oil levels and also helps stimulate hair follicles. How to massage it is also quite easy, namely by using the fingertips with a circular motion.

Those are the things that need to be understood about the scalp crusting and peeling from the cause to how to deal with it is quite easy. If these methods still do not work, be sure to consult a doctor to get better treatment immediately.